Undelegate Claim Descriptions

Each undelegate claim contains a UndelegateClaimBody and a zk-SNARK undelegate claim proof.

Undelegate Claim zk-SNARK Statements

The undelegate claim proof demonstrates the properties enumerated below for the private witnesses known by the prover:

  • Unbonding amount interpreted as an
  • Balance blinding factor used to blind the balance commitment

And the corresponding public inputs:

  • Balance commitment to the value balance
  • Penalty interpreted as an
  • Unbonding asset ID

Balance Commitment Integrity

The zk-SNARK certifies that the public input balance commitment was derived from the witnessed values as:

where is a constant generator.

is the expected balance computed from the penalty , the unbonding amount and the unbonding asset ID :

where is the asset-specific generator corresponding to the unbonding token and is the asset-specific generator corresponding to the staking token. is the unbonding amount, and is the penalized amount, computed by applying the penalty to the unbonding amount: