Note Commitments

We commit to:

  • the value of the note.
  • the asset ID of the note,
  • the diversified payment address ,
  • the diversified basepoint ,

The note commitment is generated using rate-5 Poseidon hashing with domain separator defined as the Fq element constructed using:

ds = from_le_bytes(BLAKE2b-512(b"penumbra.notecommit")) mod q

The note commitment is then constructed using the above domain separator and hashing together the above contents along with the note blinding factor :

note_commitment = hash_5(ds, (rcm, v, ID, B_d, pk_d))

We commit to the diversified basepoint and payment address instead of the diversifier itself, as in the circuit OutputProof when we verify the integrity of the derived ephemeral key , we need :


We save a hash-to-group in circuit by committing to the diversified basepoint instead of recomputing from the diversifier. See related discussion here from ZCash.