Community Pool

As with the Cosmos SDK, Penumbra also has a similar Community Pool feature.

Making A Community Pool Spend Transaction Plan

Token holders can submit a governance community pool spend proposal. This proposal contains a transaction plan containing a description of the spends to be performed if the proposal passes. This is described fully in the governance section of the Penumbra protocol spec.

Contributing To The Community Pool

Anyone can contribute any amount of any denomination to the Penumbra Community Pool. To do this, use the command pcli tx community-pool-deposit, like so:

pcli tx community-pool-deposit 100penumbra

Funds contributed to the Community Pool cannot be withdrawn except by a successful Community Pool spend governance proposal.

To query the current Community Pool balance, use pcli query community-pool balance with the base denomination of an asset or its asset ID (display denominations are not currently accepted). For example:

pcli query Community Pool balance upenumbra

Community Pool spend proposals are only accepted for voting if they would not overdraw the current funds in the Community Pool at the time the proposal is submitted, so it’s worth checking this information before submitting such a proposal.

Sending Validator Funding Streams To The Community Pool

A validator may non-custodially send funds to the Community Pool, similarly to any other funding stream. To do this, add a [[funding_stream]] section to your validator definition TOML file that declares the Community Pool as a recipient for a funding stream. For example, your definition might look like this:

sequence_number = 0
enabled = true
name = "My Validator"
website = ""
description = "An example validator"
identity_key = "penumbravalid1s6kgjgnphs99udwvyplwceh7phwt95dyn849je0jl0nptw78lcqqvcd65j"
governance_key = "penumbragovern1s6kgjgnphs99udwvyplwceh7phwt95dyn849je0jl0nptw78lcqqhknap5"

type = "tendermint/PubKeyEd25519"
value = "tDk3/k8zjEyDQjQC1jUyv8nJ1cC1B/MgrDzeWvBTGDM="

# Send a 1% commission to this address:
recipient = "penumbrav2t1hum845ches70c8kp8zfx7nerjwfe653hxsrpgwepwtspcp4jy6ytnxhe5kwn56sku684x6zzqcwp5ycrkee5mmg9kdl3jkr5lqn2xq3kqxvp4d7gwqdue5jznk2ter2t66mk4n"
rate_bps = 100

# Send another 1% commission to the Community Pool:
recipient = "CommunityPool"
rate_bps = 100